Prom Trends 2017

By Jaclyn Gough

Before it’s lights, camera, action, we must not forget the final touches that complement the prom dress and tux. Jewellery! But not just any jewellery: we’re talking about floral jewellery!

It’s customary for females to wear a wristlet of petite blooms accented with bling and decorative items. Their dates should match as best as possible, typically wearing a rose or an orchid boutonnière, to name a couple of examples.

Ten years ago, I wore a traditional spray rose wristlet with gypsophilia and ribbon to coordinate with my orange dress to senior prom. (See photo below.) My friends had similar wristlets, except in different colors. It does not have to be this way! Everyone does not have to wear the same wristlet!

Now that it’s 2017, we are going to see floral prints, high necklines, and two-piece dresses that show a little midriff.

In conjunction with the updated fashion, girls want unique flowers to wear or at least a spin on the traditional. Wristlets don’t have to be boring; be bold and make sure your designs stand out.

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Companies such as Smithers-Oasis provide a wide range of decorative wire and accents to upgrade your prom designs and profit margin. The etched wire is a current favorite of mine, as it is easy to manipulate and fun to use.

Some of the newest iterations for prom include necklaces, armbands and floral clips for the hair.

Prom Jewellery in department stores such as J.C. Penney, Macy’s and Sears range from a out $8 to several hundred. The point is: prom customers come with a range of styles and budgets and plenty will pay big money for accessories, if they feel it is worth it.
So feel inspired and create pieces that will make your customers the brightest stars at prom!

Here are my top tips for expanding your prom sales:
Reach out to Schools and pass out pamphlets showing new prom trends, ribbons, flowers, designs, etc.

Set up a prom bar in your shop. Show off ribbons, bling, wire etc. for your customers to get them thinking about prom when they walk around your shop. The early bird gets the worm!
Hold a workshop on body flowers at your shop to get girls thinking about what they will wear to prom. Seeing is believing: if you show them how fantastic a botanical necklace looks, they’ll be likely to order something more extravagant than a traditional wristlet.

Jaclyn Gough is owner of The Skinny Vase in Baltimore, Maryland.

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