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Show Teens How Flowers Enhance Promposals

By Jamie Birdwell-Branson

“Promposals” are one of the biggest viral sensations on YouTube, and it’s easy to see why they’re so addictive to watch. The idea is simple: ask the girl or guy to prom and document it. The magic of them, however, is in “the ask.” Highly choreographed dances, Disney song duets, and pizzas delivered with the question “Prom?” written in pepperonis are just a few of the nontraditional ways teens have asked their dates to this traditional dance.

Florists are always busily preparing corsages and boutonnières for the big night, but flowers can also play a big role in the promposal. Here are just a few ideas to help you show your teen customers how flowers can enhance their promposal.

Flowers Make it Personal

Watch enough promposal videos and you’ll see that flowers are typically part of the exchange. A lot of teens give them out right after popping the big question, figuring blossoms will help seal the deal. Let them know that promposal flowers shouldn’t be just any old bouquet that they can pick up at the grocery store. After all of their work choreographing the question, giving their date-to-be their favourite flowers will only sweeten the surprise.

If the asker isn’t sure what type of flowers his or her date likes, ask follow up questions. What’s their favourite colour? What’s their personality? Is their date an artist? Are they environmentally conscious? These questions will clue you in on what flowers would fit best for the occasion.

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Flowers Can Be Decorative

Show your promposal planner that flowers can be part of the creative process. If they’re too nervous to put themselves out there in front of a crowd, flowers can be a really effective way to show they care without being too over the top. They could sprinkle flower petals all over a car or arrange them to spell “Prom?” in front of the person’s house.

Floral garlands can decorate a chair their date sits in while they watch a singing and dancing spectacle. They can appear in a creative scavenger hunt that takes their date all over town. Emphasize to the asker that fresh flowers can pretty up any Instagram post or Snapchat that their friends are sure to take while watching the moment unfold.

Flowers Make it Special

Prom is a fun and sentimental rite of passage for teens, particularly if they’re in the last year of school. Friends are about to go their separate ways and this night is a great way to celebrate being together. Let your teen customer know how special flowers can make people feel — whether they’re asking their boyfriend, best friend, or the girl they’ve had a crush on since grade school. Incorporating flowers into a special event like asking someone to a dance takes the question up a notch and makes the person feel valued. The flowers may not last forever, but the memory of receiving them will.

Jamie Birdwell-Branson is a freelance writer in Santa Barbara, California. She enjoys antiquing, biking, and binge watching HGTV.

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