By Design: Susan MacIntosh
props-6In the August/September issue of Canadian Florist, Susan MacIntosh designed for the By Design portfolio. Here’s a look at designs by Susan that we couldn’t squeeze into the
magazine as well as alternative pictures of designs that made it in.

Susan MacIntosh of Halifax, NS has been designing in the floral industry for 25 years. She got her start in the world of flowers at the age of 16 when she got her first job selling flowers from a push cart in downtown Halifax. Twelve years later, Susan bought her first flower shop in Truro, NS. She’s now the current owner of Props Floral Design in Halifax, a family-run business that she opened in 1997. For this design portfolio, Susan used permanent and dried botanicals.

Here’s a look at designs by Susan that we couldn’t squeeze into the magazine as well as alternative pictures of designs that made it in. Check out more photos in our photo gallery .

Web Exclusives

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On the cover: Branching Out

This piece was created using leftover and recycled sticks and dried sunflowers hanging around the shop. A square piece of foam is hidden inside the branches and the sunflower stems are poked through the foam to keep everything in place. The dried flowers range from a rich cranberry red to mustard yellow – fitting tones for autumn.

Succulent Sail

Combining orchids, succulents and grasses, this design uses shadowing
leaves to create a vertical line. The orchids all have the stems
removed, allowing the popular flower to be showcased from different
angles. Black rocks were added to the base and give a contrast to the
bright citrus colours.
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Juicy Vegetation

Jack ‘O Lanterns are styled with bent branches, grasses, eucalyptus and
succulents in a natural, wooden-style dish. The bright orange Jack ‘O
Lantern flowers are glued to the dark, brown leaves to create a
contrasting colour palette perfect for the fall season.

A Closer Look

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Zen Umbrella
This arrangement features fresh and natural colours as well as tiny
details like chopsticks to create an Asian flair. The rocks help
camouflage the logistics of the design and adds to the Zen-like feel.
The angled leaves shadow the design and the glued orchids are the
perfect final touch.

Nature’s Bouquet
Created using sticks and grasses found around the shop, this piece uses
curly willow, which wraps around the bundle and keeps it secure. This
piece could be used in the fall on a doorstep or as a welcoming piece
to be hung on the doorknob rather than the standard wreath.


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Three’s Company
These three pieces, which feature succulents, eucalyptus, grass and orange tones, are a simple way to give any room a fall feel. The squares could run down a dining room table or be placed throughout the home. The two pieces were created with repetition in mind and the third is unique to give customers variety.
Harvest Bowl
Rising out of a mix of branches, sticks, eucalyptus, grasses and burley leaves, the pumpkin-coloured Jack ‘O Lanterns draw the eye up to where the leaves part. This design incorporates nature’s textures and materials into a piece that complements fall-hued home décor.
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