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5 Easy Ecommerce Tweaks to Take your Business to the Next Level

Ecommerce is growing at a crazy pace these days and is one of the most sought-after businesses. But I don’t have to tell you that. You are already competing against giants like Amazon and know that ecommerce heavyweights spend big bucks (I mean really big bucks) on paid searches.

Even though you might not have as deep of pockets, it’s good to assess your ecommerce business and do what you can to make sure it’s performing to its potential. I know, competing with big brands can make you feel like David up against Goliath, but don’t let intimidation stand in your way for growth.

Read on for small tweaks that will really, really make a big difference for your ecommerce business.

  1. Embrace a Comprehensive Chat Option

If you’ve been enjoying decent traffic on your ecommerce site and need a return on investment you can quickly assess, consider introducing a Live Chat app  to your site, so long as your employees can be consistent and efficient with their replies. Live chat can help customers in multiple ways, be it inquiring about wedding rates or seeking assistance for an order (this is a great opportunity to up-sell to customers who prefer to do everything behind a computer screen but want some expert advice).

  1. Tighten Security

It is obvious that any platform that requires people to share their personal information must be secure. But security is an institution and you can always learn to do it better.

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Look at it as two different parts of the equation. First, it is necessary to protect your site  and customer data from being compromised. Also, using a website security badge offers conversion advantages.

Are you still under the impression that HTTPS is only for the payment page? No, that’s old school and may not be enough these days. Security is a factor in Google ranking. So consider switching your whole ecommerce site to HTTPS as soon as you can to improve where you land on the search engine results page.

  1. Using Videos Effectively

A video is a conversion goldmine, as it can offer growth rates of up to 80%.

The benefits of using videos don’t stop there. Interesting and effective videos can increase the time spent on a page and reduce page returns. Videos are great to complement other content on your website, like a prom landing page (“how to pick out flowers for your date”) or DIY advice (“how to turn a loose bouquet into a stunning centerpiece”).

  1. Bet on Transactional Emails

If you think transactional emails (welcome messages, birthday reminders, order receipts, invoices, etc.) are inferior to the sexier marketing ones, you are wrong. The reason is simple and straightforward. Transactional emails enjoy better open rates and generate superior revenues.

So, don’t continue to ignore welcome emails or invitations or password reminders. Rather, think of the entire process and the different ways to enhance your transactional emails, such as providing space for feedback or offering useful information (care and handling info would be great)! It’s a given that your website needs to be mobile friendly and responsive. But did you ever consider making your transactional email responsive as well? If your customer is purchasing flowers on his smartphone, he will likely be reading those transactional emails on his smartphone too

  1. Images and Descriptions Make or Break Conversions

If you successfully get your customers to visit the product page, you have won half the battle. But remember, your customer could still decide to choose your competitor’s site simply because it featured better quality images and descriptions. What a shame if that happens!

With Pinterest creeping into ecommerce territory, product images are extremely important for conversions. Factors such as size, resolution, background and shadows matter. Never leave it to chance; make your images speak for themselves.

After making sure your images are in tip-top shape, it’s time to focus on product descriptions. There is no limit to how creative you can go. Personalizing and customizing your content helps big time. So study your customer, try and speak their language and cut down on jargon. Talk more about the benefits of the products and less about the features, so your readers can relate the benefits with their daily lives. For more advice on writing product descriptions, click here.

Final Words

There are loads of tweaks, big and small, you can make to your ecommerce platform for continual improvements and cumulative effects. While some changes require a significant investment in time (building a responsive site, for instance), others can be done instantly, like creating a live chat option. Which of these tweaks will you start with? If you have already implemented any of these tips, let us know your experience.


Sanjay Kumar Bojan is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Mashable, Techcrunch and The Huffington Post, amongst others.

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