With wedding season fast approaching and the consultations revving up, it’s difficult to not feel anxious already. After all, this isn’t your first rodeo; you know what’s coming—last minute orders that you pray show up on time (in one piece), substitutions you dread having to explain because there’s a good chance you’re going to be dealing with tears (if not a total freak out), unrealistic budgets, and the bride who wants the exact bouquet she saw on Pinterest (full of out of season flowers and Photo shopped to perfection). There’s no denying, wedding season is intense. Perhaps a better word is, “insane.”

On top of that, you have the pressure to stay cool, calm, upbeat, and cheerful. The last thing you want is for the bride to see you sweat. To pull that off, you need a well-coordinated team.

It’s going to be a rough ride, so before things get really hectic, I suggest taking a moment to come together and have a team meeting to discuss how you’re going to handle the season.

I will say this, if you work in a particularly small shop, you need to be extra careful that you watch what you say amongst yourselves. It’s tempting to vent while you work; but trust me, it will be the one time you think you’re safe to speak freely that the high-maintenance bride you’re complaining about will walk right into the thick of the conversation. And this one bride could single handedly ruin the business, because she will be telling everyone—and I mean everyone—how rude you were and to never deal with you. Hey, if it were the other way around, you would probably do the same thing.

It’s not just the bashing of clients that you need to avoid. It’s also picking apart each other. This looks bad. Period. If I were a bride and I walked into your shop only to overhear you trashing one of your own, I might not say anything in the moment, but it would be duly noted. I might be rethinking my floral plan based on that. Should I take my business elsewhere? I’d think.

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I’m not saying all of this to make you cringe. I know how much you have on your plate. I get it. I worked on the wholesale side of things and, truth be told, the retail florist was my bride.

So how do you deal with this kind of pressure without losing your mind? I have a secret weapon that gets me through just about everything: laughter.

Being a team is a lot like being a family. You’re going to get on each other’s nerves, but a good way to counter that is by making a point to find what I like to call, “the humour in the hot mess.”

You can only control so much when it comes to the world of flowers. Things are going to happen but you made it through the last season and you’re going to make it through this one too, so try to lighten up a little. It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Laughter is proven to reduce stress. But not cruel laughter, OK? We’re aiming for nice humour here, because, remember, if you’re not friends, you’re anemones! (Get it?)) I know, that was cheesy, but you cracked a smile at least, right? If you make a point to look for it, you can find humour in just about anything. Yes, even wedding season.

Moral of the story? A happy team typically equates to a happy bride and a happy bride gives your team pride (yay for rhymes!) and also the confidence to tackle the next wedding. I’m sure I don’t need to explain how good this is for business.

I know you’re going to encounter stress, but remember, you got this! Go Team Go! I’ll conclude with one last flower joke for your amusement:

What did the columnist say to the florist?
… I hope thistle make you feel better!

Cavelle Martin
Cavelle Martin is a former CSR in the wholesale floral industry who once helped renowned designer Kristine Kratt, AAF, AIFD, PFCI, during a design show. Cavelle is the creator of “Mental Break - In Progress,” a blog she started in 2014, after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, to help fight the stigma against mental illness.

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