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10 Surefire Ways to Tick Off Colleagues During V-Day Season

It’s that time again. Valentine’s Day. I don’t think I need to explain to florists the magnitude of what’s in for you and your team.

Your bread and butter does not come without a price. Stress runs rampant during this time and it’s easy for little things to set people off because so much has piled up.

I want to help ease some of that stress because, as overwhelming as it may seem, there are small ways in which you can salvage your sanity this season. 

All it takes is a little self awareness.

Let’s face it, you are probably doing something, albeit innocently, that is ticking off your coworkers right now.

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1. Crooning

I know we all love to hum or sing along to our favourite songs but at work it can sound like nails on a chalkboard. Especially if you’re singing over my favourite song, ha! Even if you have a lovely voice, you’ll make your coworkers’ eyes twitch if you give them an unwanted concert.

2. Smoking

Sally just loves her smoke breaks and usually that’s not a big deal, but when stress is high and deadlines are tight, it’s unnerving to watch the smokers slip out every 10 minutes to “cope” while the rest of the team takes on the extra stress of more work. On top of that, the wonderful perfume of flowers you’ve been working with all day can’t compete with that beautiful aroma of cigarettes. Nothing makes for a productive work day than the smell of hundreds of toxic burning chemicals, amirite?

3. Ring-a-ding-a-ling!

Like many of you, my phone feels like an extra limb. I feel lost without it. However, during the V-day rush, try to keep you personal calls, social media addictions, and such to a minimum. It’s stressful enough that the company phone is ringing off the hook, so make answering that your priority. If you have to take a personal call, do so privately. Honestly, if your head should be looking down at anything right now, it’s at your work not your phone.

4. Fragrant Food

Real breaks do not really exist when you’re a florist during Valentine’s Day but at some point you still have to eat. Eating and working at the same time is the norm so, in light of that, try to consider the noses of those around you. If I’m stripping roses, I’d like to smell roses, not some seafood medley topped with extra garlic butter (that sounds pretty good though) or your leftover spaghetti caked with parmesan cheese (also sounds delish). And remember, after you’re done, make a point to clear your dishes off the workspace. 

5. Whining

Yes, work is hard and sometimes it’s not fun or fair. This is a given and your team doesn’t need the constant reminder. Some people like to complain for the sake of complaining, but for the sake of your team, stop.

6. Oversharing

When you work with a small team in close quarters, you are bound to find out some interesting things about the people you work with but there are certain things coworkers blurt out about their personal lives that cross the TMI line. People are trying to focus and have plenty on their minds, so consider that before you start letting everyone know about the epic fight you had with your spouse last night.

7. Ducking Out Early

I get it. Things come up in life that require you to bow out early from work, but during Valentine’s Day you better have a really good reason for it. Nothing is more frustrating than when everyone buckles down to make the season a success except for that one person who just always seems to have some sort of “appointment” that requires leaving the shop early. If you are this person, please know that your colleagues are burning holes into the back of your head as you skip out the door.

8. Bragging

We all love to share a story here and there that makes us happy and, in most cases, your team will be happy for you. But during V-day season, keep the good news to a minimum. It’s not the time to be constantly gushing about things like your engagement. Perhaps just-had-a-breakup Betty doesn’t need the constant reminder she’s single right now.

9. Melodrama

Emotions are normal and I am not saying you should be a heartless robot but for the sake of the people around, please try to keep it together during this busy, stressful time. Remember, your colleagues are trying their best to keep things together as well. If one of you opens the floodgates, it makes it hard for everyone else to not follow suit. That is not a mess you want to have to clean up.

10. Twiddling Your Thumbs

As a florist during the Valentine’s rush, idle hands simply should not exist. Yet, it’s funny how some people work really hard at doing nothing. I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but wonder why this person gets paid for all of their “efforts.” Resting on your laurels while others hustle will not endear you with colleagues.
At the end of the day, all it takes is one singing, smoking, fish eating, oversharing braggart who spends more time playing on their smartphone than lending a hand to put your team in a bad mood.

Don’t be that person!

Cavelle Martin
Cavelle Martin is a former CSR in the wholesale floral industry who once helped renowned designer Kristine Kratt, AAF, AIFD, PFCI, during a design show. Cavelle is the creator of “Mental Break - In Progress,” a blog she started in 2014, after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, to help fight the stigma against mental illness.

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