So, you want to use your creative juices? Let’s face it, in a typical week’s work, we are usually busy creating items the customer sees on a website.

That is just the way of the floral world now. That is okay, but what about us? What about our need to create unique things?! What I would suggest is that you look into any and all opportunities that come your way — or create your own!


Let’s talk about Fleurs de Villes, which just finished its tour through Canada. What an amazing opportunity to showcase floral talent! Not only do you get to create something fabulous for your own sanity and love of flowers, but you get to inspire the public with what florists can create with flowers. Then there is the added bonus of getting to know other florists in your community. This is one of my favourite parts about teaching and putting on events for the industry. I have made some amazing friends that have helped me out and vice versa. We support each other. We empathize with each other. No one understands what you are going through like another florist does.


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Now you could be thinking, I don’t live in an area that attracts the Fleurs de Villes series; what can I do? Create your own, I say! Yes, it will take gumption. Yes, it may require an investment. But if you collaborate with another company, anything is possible. We all enjoy watching Art in Bloom throughout the United States. Why not create one in your area with local artists, a farmers’ market, art gallery, museum, etc.? Get out there and knock on doors and ask people. Keep asking until someone says, “let’s do it!” Your passion will translate and you will be showing off your talents in no time!

Heather de Kok
Heather de Kok AAF, AIFD, PFCI is the owner of Heather de Kok Floral Design and Grower Direct in Edmonton, AB. She also founded The Maple Leaf Cup.

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