What will the future hold?

What Will the Future Hold?

I have a love-hate relationship with technology.

Since smartphones have come out, I feel like I am on call seven days a week. People assume they can reach me at any time, so a delayed response makes me look rude or lazy. Oh, the anxiety this has caused! At the same time, smartphones give me the freedom to leave my desk throughout the day. In fact, I once proofed a handful of files while waiting in line for Splash Mountain at Disney World.

These days, I’ve found fewer friends wish to catch up with a face-to-face visit or a phone call, preferring to communicate via text or comments on Facebook or Instagram. I find this terribly sad, but at the same time, thanks to social media, I have stayed in the loop with a large number of people I surely would have forgotten about otherwise.

The Internet has made my weakness for shopping a much bigger challenge to handle, but it’s also made it infinitely easier to conduct research and find sources. (I have no idea how journalists who came before me did it!)

And don’t get me started on online dating…

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I could go on and on, but what’s the point? The world’s not slowing down. Technology is becoming a more and more pervasive part of day-to-day life, so it’s better to accept it— embracing the tools that enrich my life (Google Docs, Overdrive, Apptiv, Words With Friends) and ignoring the ones that do not (Snapchat, Tinder, Pokémon Go).

I’ll go out on a limb and assume that every single one of us would like to have a few more hours in a week (or day). Whatever our role at work or at home, we all have a lot to do. If you’re nodding your head, go ahead and flip to pg. 10, where Michelle Brisebois has rounded up some of the best time management and organizational tools available to streamline your life and regain some peace of mind.

On the subject of unease, perhaps you’ve received an email (or twenty) from digital “experts” who’ve seen your site and thinks it’s lacking. They throw out bits of criticism and promises of what they can do, all of which uses a bunch of jargon. You don’t understand them, at least not beyond the message, “You need help.” Take a deep breath and hit delete. It’s a malicious scam. Learn the warning signs and how to find a reputable SEO company on p. 12.

This issue also dives into topics such as the importance of a professional email address, tricks for really connecting with social media followers (hint: it’s about giving them something of a value—not simple acts of self-promotion), and what voice-activated commands and searches could mean for your business. We hope it enlightens you and makes you excited for digital advancements.

Katie Hendrick
Katie Hendrick is the editor-in-chief of Canadian Florist.

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