CFBF18 Recap
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CFBF18 Recap: They Came, They Learned, They Networked

This April about 100 florists gathered in St. Catharines, Ontario for the annual Canadian Florist Business Forum, April 21, held in conjunction with the Niagara International Association of Florists’ Design Show the following day.


This year’s event included a quartet of readers’ favourite contributors, past and present.

Sales and customer service expert Tim Huckabee, founder of Floral Strategies, broke down the most pervasive bad habits and mindsets in the floral industry and offered easy solutions to reverse them. His no-nonsense presentation, “Smart Selling,” tackled every aspect of operating a flower shop including management, profitable design, sale tactics, and customer relations.


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In her presentation, “Conversational Commerce: Building Connections with Customers,” Michelle Brisebois discussed the importance of nurturing a strong connection all the way through the shopping experience, regardless of whether you meet the customer in person, through the phone, or online. She shared why convenience and a personal touch need each other to thrive.


Designer and consultant Jennifer Harvey, CAFA, CFD, shared her sage advice for making a splash at bridal shows, managing millennial brides’ expectations (and budget constraints), navigating emerging trends, and breaking into new cultural demographics. Her presentation, “Book Those Money-Maker Weddings,” reinvigorated the crowd.


Finally, in “The Art of Selling,” Neville MacKay, CAFA, PFCI, shared his secrets for designing pieces with a high perceived value and a hefty profit margin, visual merchandising to entice new customers, and upselling.

Katie Hendrick
Katie Hendrick is the editor-in-chief of Canadian Florist.

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