Jennifer’s Journeys

Jennifer's Journeys

Welcome, The Stalk Market

Ok, everyone, it’s time to get excited! Our industry has been on a huge upswing for a few years, and I say, without a doubt, that we in the floral industry are killing it! Look around. ...
Jennifer's Journeys

The Greatest Honour

As florists, we are privileged to create meaningful arrangements for the biggest moments in our clients’ lives. Funeral rites in every community, culture, and generation are packed with emotional charges that must resonate throughout our designs. It’s a ...
Jennifer's Journeys

A Bridal Show Survival Guide

Each year, a wave of proposals occurs between December and February 14. Following the initial celebrations with family and friends, couples now turn their attention to finding and hiring vendors to make the magic come ...
Jennifer's Journeys

It’s All in the Details

A great event designer takes note of the little things that can make all the difference for the event and pays close attention, from the first meeting until the last candle burns out. When you ...

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