Images by Brittany Mahood (@brittanymahood)

“These designs were for a wedding editorial photo shoot in the Spirit Sands in Manitoba. The soft and muted palette was very much inspired by the sandy dunes. Because it didn’t have any strong colours, I wanted to play up the texture to create depth within the designs. To do so, I added elements such as clematis, lunaria, dried prairie grains, and grasses.” 

“I was asked to make designs for an editorial spread in Magnolia Rouge about how to create a DIY textured styling board. Basically, that’s a chic but simple backdrop brides and wedding professionals can have ready to make details, such as rings, shoes, invitations, and, of course, flowers pop in photographs—especially if a venue has ‘busy’ décor. This was a particularly fun project as I really enjoy styling floral flat lays. I tend to collect and often flip through ‘vintage’ floral and design books. For this particular shoot, I was very much inspired by shape. I followed the Hogarth curve, also known as ‘the line of beauty.’”

“These were demo pieces for a private floral workshop I gave. It was in early spring and the pieces were all inspired by the fresh flowers of the season—iris, hyacinth, spirea, tulips, sweet peas, ranunculus, and hellebores. I also added carnations and roses to the mix because I love the romantic and traditional feel they bring to a design.”

Heather de Kok
Heather de Kok AAF, AIFD, PFCI is the owner of Heather de Kok Floral Design and Grower Direct in Edmonton, AB. She also founded The Maple Leaf Cup.

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