Flower crowns have been with us for centuries, dating all the way back to ancient Greece. Later, the quintessential “flower child” of the 1960s wore these toppers to convey sentiments like honour, romance, and peace. Today’s incarnations have exploded in augmented reality, popping up on mobile apps like Snapchat and Instagram. The idea: take a selfie, apply your favourite filter, and voilà, you have a regal portrait. Your inner pixie is just a tap away!

“I love the magical quality flower crowns have,” said Tinka Magocsi, owner of Perfectly Planted Designs in Toronto. “When you put one on you assign yourself a character and let yourself play.” Crowns are fun and flamboyant alternatives to the traditional corsage, she explained. “It’s a way to stand out from the crowd. You get to crown yourself prom queen.” Furthermore, they’re a cost-effective way for girls who can’t afford an especially splashy dress to make a fashion statement, she added.

Here are her five favourite flower crown designs for prom:

Lindsay Ulrich
Lindsay Ulrich is a multi-platform communications specialist in Toronto.

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