Canadian Florist Business Forum 2018

Join us April 21, 2018 at the Holiday Inn & Suites Parkway Conference Centre in St Catharines, ON.

Learn. Grow. Network.

Tim Huckabee

Featuring Tim Huckabee

Trainer, speaker, consultant, and Canadian Florist columnist Tim Huckabee headlines our 2018 event.

More Details to Come!

“CFBF is the one event in Canada that focuses on helping florists grow their business through sales, marketing, technology, and efficient operations. I can’t stress enough just how valuable this conference is every year.Toronto Florist
Tim Huckabee

Featuring Michelle Brisebois

Michelle Brisebois is the Principal/Founder of Textrix Consulting. Michelle is a regular contributor to Canadian Florist Magazine and she specializes in : E-commerce, digital marketing and content marketing strategies to help companies connect their marketing activities to their operational growth objectives. She is a certified digital marketer and has marketing and operations experience in the food, pharmaceutical, financial services and wine industries and currently is a member of the teaching faculty at Niagara College.

Conversational Commerce – Building Connections with Customers

Your flowers tell your customers’ stories for them. Whether the story is: “I love you” or “Thanks for being my mom”…the flowers start a conversation. Independent florists are perfectly positioned to thrive in the emerging retailing environment. Your off-line and on-line retail spaces are merging and the connection we have with customers on social media is facilitating a deeper relationship. Do the people who like you on Facebook also buy from you? Are people looking at your on-line store and even starting to check out only to abandon the cart before completing the transaction? If every home is about to have an Alexa or other virtual assistant ready to “send flowers to Jane” - how does your retail experience interlace with this new technology?

“Conversational Commerce” is about nurturing a strong connection all the way through the shopping experience - regardless of where or how your customers are connecting with you. New technology will mean that the on-line shopping experience will more closely mimic the traditional in-store environment. Michelle Brisebois, contributor to Canadian Florist Magazine and Marketing Consultant will show us how the personal touch of traditional retailing and the convenience and measurability of e-commerce, have finally realized they need each other to thrive.

Come for CFBF: Stay For the NIAF Design Show with Heather de Kok!

NIAF Design Show

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