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Top Wedding Trends of 2017

Every year sees slight changes in wedding trends, from preferred accessories to the size of the guest list. All of it will impact floristry in some way. So without further ado, here are some favourite trends of 2017 to inspire your wedding business.

Dress Styles

Dresses with metallic and sparkle detailing were big on the runway last fall. Brides who aren’t prepared to commit to a sparkly dress may go for glitzier Great Gatsby-inspired accessories, such as fascinators and other hairpieces. Laidback brides will no doubt love the move towards easy, breezy silhouettes, which are perfect for rustic and beachy big days. Vintage looks including tea-length dresses, bows, and ruffles are also enjoying the limelight at the moment.

Décor Trends

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All things natural are order of the day. Many brides and grooms are choosing to say “I do” in natural settings, and even those who stay in the city are opting to bring the outside in. Oversized potted trees, gorgeous hanging centrepieces, and the use of natural materials like wood and stone are just some of the ways couples are getting back to the basics.

Large-scale installations, whether they involve lighting or ceiling drapes, have boosted in popularity as they become more affordable. There has also been increased interest in wooden hoops twisted with leaves, flowers, and branches that hang from the ceiling to give any venue a botanical twist.

Guest Lists

Many couples are choosing to seriously edit their guest lists. Some elope, while others throw what’s known as a “micro wedding.” Fewer guests make for more intimate affairs. This also appeals to brides and grooms on a budget. While brides and grooms are scaling back on the number of humans who watch them tie the knot, more and more are extending invitations to their furry friends. Yes, that’s right: more and more pets are getting involved in weddings.

Food Feasts

Move over, plated sit-down dinners! 2017 will see more interactive food options. This could mean a simple shift to buffets, platters served family style, fun food trucks, or pick-and-choose customised food stations. Wedding cakes you might have seen in your grandmother’s wedding album are also back in vogue. We’re talking tall, traditional three-tier affairs which many brides want decorated with foliage or flowers.

Colour Palettes

Blush continues to be enjoying a moment and is predicted to do so for quite a while. It’s simultaneously on trend yet also timeless. For a very modern twist, brides are opting to pair blush with metallics (think: copper and rose gold) to toughen up the look. Pantone named “Greenery” its Colour of the Year, so no doubt this vibrant shade will have a major presence in 2017 nuptials. This translates to an emphasis on lots of foliage in floral arrangements and very natural bouquets with a focus on all things green.

Abby Driver
Abby Driver is a freelance journalist in Truro, England, who has written on
topics such as millennial culture and feminist weddings.

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