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Balls in the Air – Celebrate Jugglers’ Day!

Day in and day out, we manage work lives and home lives. We manage grocery shopping, appointments, emails, phone calls, sporting events and other extracurricular activities, and all sorts of decisions.  Some people are more skilled than others at balancing it all. They efficiently manage every task tossed their way. These people are the jugglers. And, on April 18, International Jugglers’ Day, we should celebrate them.

Initially, International Jugglers’ Day was created to celebrate actual jugglers worldwide. However, as society and technology have progressed, so has the definition of the holiday. The parallels between multitaskers and actual jugglers are uncanny. Jugglers keep sight of what’s going on in front of them, while also anticipating future events. They have skill sets that exceed many normal people’s capabilities.  They are the gladiators of their businesses and their homes. Let’s honour them.

As cascades of tasks shower down on our jugglers, they respond with dedication and fortitude. There are many ways to recognize such individuals. The accolades needn’t be extensive nor expensive:

  • Send a coffee mug (because jugglers might rely on caffeine for that extra boost!) with a note that says, “Coffee’s on me.”
  • Offer the juggler a Galaxy bar because he or she is out of this world—or a Payday because he or she has earned it.
  • Give the juggler a rose with a reminder to stop and smell the roses.
  • Award a medal, offer extra time at lunch, or deliver a handwritten thank you note.

Or just say thanks. It goes a long way. No matter what you choose, you will give the juggler a much-deserved pat on the back.

Then, spread the joy by introducing your customers to International Jugglers’ Day. Send out an email, give suggestions, and maybe even create some specials. Because, after all, there is a juggler hiding behind every desk, counter, computer, and wheel.

On April 18th, let’s coax those jugglers away from their tasks, if only for a moment, to thank them.

Tina D. Miller is a writer, teacher, evaluator, puppy mother, fabric manipulator, and football enthusiast.  In 2008, she earned her MFA in creative writing and has since written and published several flash fiction stories, blog posts, and novels.

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